Sep. 15th, 2014

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Dear Femslash Exchange Writer,


Firstly, thanks so much for participating in this exchange and agreeing to write me marvelous fic. The world needs more femslash and I'm so appreciative!

Secondly, sorry it has taken me so long to get this up! My fandom life lives on Tumblr now and I wasn't sure where to post this. Luckily, I remembered this old account.

On to the meat of the letter. In general I prefer fic on the angsty rather than fluffy side of the spectrum. Though I prefer happy endings and love for my characters to end up together, I like it if there's some challenge in the process. Bad timing. Someone's in a relationship. Quiet longing. A dark world. Thinky, character driven pieces make my heart flutter, with a focus on strong images and language. People going through difficult things. Hurt/comfort. People dealing with their ~ emotions. I love people surviving trauma, and I don't really have limits with that as long as it's portrayed in a thoughtful way, I guess? I find these fics cathartic and lovely. Dark pasts. Secrets hat get revealed.

That said, I am open! So if something in the hurt/comfort or angst side doesn't call out to you, please know that I also enjoy humor and the traditional tropey things (coffee shop AU!, meet the parents!, fake dating!, meeting at a wedding, etc etc).

For Nyota Uhura/Carol Marcus or Nyota Uhura/Gaila, you can do no wrong. I love both of these ships intensely. A dynamic I see frequently explored between Uhura and Gaila is how they have opposite natures? Nyota is kind of Type A and Gaila is more of a free spirit, and how they might clash, or alternatively, complement each other perfectly. For Uhura and Marcus I just...anything, literally anything...I see them as both very ambitious, academically driven, and intelligent characters, and I love seeing those sides of themselves expressed.

For Kalinda/Alicia. They're perfect so honestly anything you could write would be perfect. I think there's obvious tension to explore because Kalinda is canonically multisexual, and Alicia isn't necessarily, so she might be more hesitant to enter a relationship, or more unsure of her feelings. I like secretly pining and desperately in love Kalinda. I like them having a secret relationship and needing to keep it away from people in their lives because of reasons. I like it also when they're fighting or on different sides of an issue.

For Star Trek TOS, Nyota/T'Pring is like the OTP that of my LIFE but no one writes it, sooooo, if you're familiar with the series at all...I would love it. If not, no worries!

BSG - ummm, I ship Kara/paperbag, so even though I listed Kara/Dee and Kara/Cain as my ships, if you are pulled in a different direction, please feel free to go for it! I love Kara/Laura to PIECES. I think Kara especially invites angsty fic? And the world of BSG invites a lot of angst. I love exploring things pre-Attacks, or rewriting the end of the show. Anything dark and tangled and morally shifty is all right with me here. Kara is kind of my OTC so um, I love fics that explore her childhood or adolescence.

In fact, I love exploration of characters' backstory and childhood in general.

I hope this helps provide some direction. I am sure I will be appreciative of whatever you come up with.



P.S. I really have no limits or squicks, I guess? I love smut, too, just FYI!


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