May. 17th, 2012

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A fic for the Epics ship war. It looks better here over at my journal. 

Kara/Laura, PG, all about Starbuck's tumblr page. Warning for lots of gifs/graphics

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So...I guess I'm shipping Kara/Laura hardcore now? WHOOPS. How does this shit happen? What is wrong with me? I JUST WANT A HUGE POLY LOVE FEST WITH KARA AT THE CENTER.

So anyway. If Kara/Laura interests you in the least, here are some fics! I'm not posting all of them, as there were 35 (yikes!) and not all of them are ones that I wish to remember. One day soon, I will link to the other ones. Here are the highlights. Your comments are always so very cherished and appreciated, especially as this ship is a new one for me. 

So thankful to [ profile] astreamofstars for being so lovely and supportive and flaily with me (and making me cry. twice.). You should check out all four of her gorgeous K/LR fics, as I could already believe she started shipping them, like, literally five minutes ago (as opposed to me...who started shipping them 20 minutes ago). Had so much fun battling it out. *hugs fandom so tight it bursts*

( Issues - NC17 - 1700 words - Mild Angst, Porn )

Pillow Talk - PG - 600 words - Hurt/Comfort, Angsty )

Sleepless - PG - 240 words - Hurt/Comfort, Sweet, Not Too Angsty )

Serpents and Vipers - PG - 300 words - Fluffyish/Tattoo fic )

Firsts - R - 335 words - Fluffyish/Some sexin )

Holding On - PG13 - 230 words - Hurt/Comfort, Some Angst )

Choices - R - 340 words - Angsty, Hurty, Warnings for mentions of the abortion plot of death )

Scarring - PG13 - 130 words - Mild Angst, Warnings for References to Self-Harm )

Dependency - PG13 - 170 words - Angst, Alcohol )

Aurora - PG - 240 words - Just a quiet moment )

Crash - PG - 145 words - Enough angst to kil a small animal )

Moving In - G - 290 words -Sweet, A Quiet Moment )


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