Feb. 7th, 2012

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So I tried to post a fic on the first to bsg2003fics and I was told it would enter the moderation queue. Cool, I guess -- except that's absolutely never happened before? But whatever. I understand.

Then it's 48 hours later and it still hasn't posted...okay. Now I'm starting to think maybe it didn't pass the moderation checks? Like I did something wrong? But I didn't receive a message or email or anything. Also, other fics that were presumably posted after my fic would'e been appeared on the site? So I tried to get in touch with the moderator and they didn't respond (it's been 4 days since I messaged him/her I think?). I also emailed the address supplied on the profile page. Then I tried reposting, but "the maximum number of posts are in queue"...so I can't. And now I'm like, so can I never post anything on there ever again? I even tried posting from another account to see if maybe I'd been, like, blacklisted? I mean, I am black. I guess it would make sense in a cosmic linearity sort of way??? I don't fucking know. But maybe I'm just being paranoid!Nora. Is this actually totally common? I'm sure this is actually happening to everyone else, yeah?

Also, the person next to me in the Starbucks is smacking his gum so obnoxiously loud and do you think it would be okay if I cut him?

ETA: and he's barefoot and his feet stink. That is not allowed. That should totally not be allowed. Would it be okay to cut him TWICE?
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Short PWP written for my lovely beta [livejournal.com profile] wicked_sassy, whom I adore. She knows this -- that I adore her. I mean, that's why I wrote her this fic. I don't write fic for people I don't have lots of good, happy, heart, warm feelings for. So yeah. Not even going to bother posting this to any comms, as I assume most of BSG fandom is uninterested in femslash judging by the dearth of it being produced? No worries. But some days I must fly my multishipper flag!!!! 

This fic is NC17. No warnings. Just girls gettin it on.

[livejournal.com profile] rirenec, I hope you enjoy. If I am not rewarded by Kara/Kendra smuggler fic, I will be heartbroken. 

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