Feb. 1st, 2012

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On posting fic.

So, as [livejournal.com profile] wicked_sassy knows, I've got about a billion fics in progress right now.

1. This plotty-ish long thing that I've outlined at 20 chapters, which I've written two 4000ish words chapters for. The question is, how far ahead do I get before I begin to post it? Twice in the last couple of weeks I've started fics, only to get to the very last part to see that the writer hasn't updated in YEARS. This is sad, sad, sad. And I would never want to do that to any of my readers. I'm ridiculously good about finishing what I start, but I do understand how life is not always amenable to fic writing. That said, it is very hard to stay motivated to write something super long without the comments of readers to inspire and reassure. I DON'T KNOW WHAT TO DO. HALP. 

2. The other is this fic I've mapped at three parts. I've finished the first two parts and have just begun work on the first. The question is -- to post it all at once, or, perhaps, one chapter a day or a week, similar to how I did Wire Hanger

3. This angsty Lee jaunt that's kind of an academy!fic, kind of not. It has Kara and Lee in ROTC at a university in Caprica. It's one of those that's like -- is it different from all the other fic in the fandom to warrant finishing and posting? What makes fic stand out to people? I don't know. Part of fic is -- it's a thousand variations of canon basically...but I also highly value originality...though everything is obviously derivative. Sigh.

4. A Kara/Lee heist!fic because as much as I want to LOVE Leverage and White Collar, I just don't. Leverage, especially, is a great show, but that ZING feeling isn't there. So alas. I will get my heist fix from Kara/Lee being awesome! 

ETA: Also! My gift fic! 

Another note, I'm very interested in general in what kind of fic folks would like to see, with the understanding that Kara/Lee is my primary ship, Kara/Felix my secondary, and Kara with basically anyone my tertiary. 
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Title: The Plasma of Excruciating Kisses
Author: letterstonorah
Rating: NC17
Characters/Pairings: Kara/Lee
Word Count: 5500
Summary: AU set on Caprica, in which there is hot frakking and art and sex.
Warnings: smut like whoa, a tad bit of angst,
Spoilers: Hmmm, nothing in particular? It's pretty AU, but pilots are still pilots, and the Twelve Colonies are still the Twelve Colonies.

This was betaed by the most lovely and brilliant [livejournal.com profile] wicked_sassy, who is pushing me to be less awful, something I greatly appreciate. Her criticisms and praise are always thoughtful, and she straight up WROTE a couple of sentences in here. 

Please, if you read, comment! It's so very nice to hear from you lovely folk, even just a couple of words.

The title comes from the poem "Poison" by the lovely Romanian poet Ruxandra Cesereanu.

The Plasma of Excruciating Kisses )


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