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where i stand on all the things: 

so basically, i'd like to give a big fuck you to patriarchy & sexism, racism, racial prejudice, abelism, queer and transphobia, xenophobia, classism, violence against women, violence in general, the prison industrial complex, unequal distribution of healthcare, anti-feminism, colonialism, misogyny, rape and rape culture, confining gender expectations, fatphobia, anti-abortionism, and animal cruelty.

conversely, i am wildly enthusiastic about good books, good art, radical feminist and anti-racist blogs, sex, thoughtful meta on television, self-doubt, music, small farms, the spca, the rescued kitties i'm fostering, women getting it done, men getting it done, queers getting it done, dancing, whiskey, small revolutions, boycott, anarchism, emma goldman and voltairine, universal healthcare, friends, girls who dress like boys & boys who dress like girls, family, fanfic as not just a fun space but a political (fun) space, electric guitar, piano, mandolin, violin, amps, typewriters, handcuffs, glocks, and the people who share my values and/or who challenge my personal axioms with thoughtful critique. 

the characters i love: kara fucking thrace, buffy fucking summers, willow fucking rosenberg, anya fucking jenkins, bonnie fucking bennett, adelle fucking dewitt, caroline fucking forbes, faith fucking lehane, veronica fucking mars, mac fucking mackenzie, daenerys fucking targaryen, arya fucking stark, kendra fucking shaw, roseanne fucking conner, darlene fucking conner, parker fucking no-last-name, lisbeth fucking salander, and and and all the bamf women. 

i am black and queer and feminist and a writer and a lover of furry animals. i am a misanthrope. also, chocolate! yum! i'm very pro cocoa. i dream regularly of going to Themyscira. i am friendly and personable! except when i'm not! sorry about that! i promise it usually has nothing to do with ill will on my part but  everything to do with my poor communication skills, especially on the interwebz! when i think i'm being considerate and thoughtful, i'm often perceived as being judgmental and bitchy! sorry! i will work on that!  i like exclamation points! and all caps! sorry! i just get excited and my finger instinctively goes to the shift button. 

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