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Here lies a master list of my fic. Right now it's only Battlestar Galactica, though I'm vaguely thinking about expanding into Supernatural. I've included the pairings, the word count, and a brief summary next to each title to help you find the stories you're most interested in reading. I mostly ship Kara/Lee.

Wire Hanger
Rated: R - Kara/Lee, Kacey, with some attention to Laura/Bill, Sharon/Karl - 23,000 words
Following the exodus from New Caprica, the fleet finds a new planet where they can lay down their burdens. Whilst not the disaster that was their last planetary home, bright and shiny futures still seem a thing of the past. 
Part IPart IIPart IIIPart IV
Epilogue IEpilogue II (NC17)

Happy Solstice
Rated: NC17 - Kara/Lee - 2300 words 
During the Solstice celebration on an unnamed planet, Kara and Lee -- well, they have sex.

Rated: NC17 - Kara/Lee, Lee POV, Laura, Bill - 8800 words
Following Kara's mutiny and jump back to Caprica, Lee does a ridiculous amount of angsting. 

First Name Basis
Rated: NC17 - Kara/Lee, Kat - 6000 words
Academy!Fic in which Kara and Lee do what Kara and Lee do best. 

The Plasma of Excruciating Kisses
Rated: NC17 - Kara/Lee - 5500 words
In an AU take on pilots, Kara and Lee meet for the first time as young, retired pilots at Kara's art opening. 

And Whisper Some Silver Reply
Rated: R - Kara/Lee - 4400 words
In the aftermath of her rape, Kara becomes friends with the new kid at school, Lee. Takes place senior year of high school.

Rated: R - Kara/Lee - 6000 words
Eros Day and an essay due for Religious Studies class collide, making Lee and Kara do all kinds of angsting. Academy era.

So Wrong it's Right
Rated: NC17 - Kara/Lee - 4000 words
While working as an interim flight instructor at the Fleet Academy following his brother's death, Lee forms close ties with a student, one Kara Thrace.

Other Halves
Rated: NC17 - Kara/Lee - 3650 words
Even after recommitting to their partners in "Taking A Break From All Your Worries", Lee and Kara can't let each other go.

And Then Lee Was Like, Frak Yeah
Rated: NC17 - Kara/Lee - 1700 words
Eh. Pilots frakking?

Other Side
Rated: NC17 - Kara/Lee - 500 words
Post Daybreak fic in which Kara is forced to watch Lee without him being able to see her. 

Rated: NC17 - Kara/Felix - 6400 words

Goes AU after the cylon occupation of New Caprica. Felix and Kara are in the cells next to each other in a cylon Prison. Felix POV.

Dressed Down
Rated: NC17 - Kara/Kendra - 1200 words
I will not pretend this has any plot beyond girls getting it on.

Born from Night, Exhaling Fire
Rated: NC17 - Kara/Kendra - 3500 words
Kendra and Kara take justice into their own hands.
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